Monday, March 14, 2011


KG and Baby Eva (my beautiful 3 week old goddaughter) are on their way over for Eva's first visit to my place. They will stay till tonight.

Me and Kelly last Winter in Cuba
We are planning on hitting up the Bulk Barn for KG to stock up on supplies. She is starting here post baby diet to get the last 15 lbs off (Not bad for just having the baby 3 weeks ago!). We are gonna bake some granola and make some nut butters.....
I won't go to the gym till will be so busy!
Good news....Snow is almost all gone! And it is gonna be +10C in a couple days.....Can not wait!
So it is March Break this week, so shopping for vacation supplies will be busy. I should book my hair appointment now I guess if I want a hope in hell getting in to see my hairdresser Laura!
Have a good Monday!

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Christie said...

Cute pic!! Hope you all have a great visit.....I don't like the gym at nights either. Way to many people for me!