Sunday, March 13, 2011

Up and down weekend

It has been a great weekend so far.
I was up early on Saturday and drove to see KG and Baby Eva
She was a bit cranky when we gave her her first full bath. (Bellybutton is finally off and healed so no more sponge baths)!
She is still ok here but as soon as she hit the water there was hell to pay!

After a few hours I picked R up and we went to the gym....I did weights (shoulders and back) and a 40 minute sprint interval run...
Then HK came over and we polished off a couple bottles of wine....ouch
Our friend MVanD was nice enough to bring me over 2 bottles of Fat Bastard Shiraz last time he was over....Usually I drink Reds from Chile or Argentina but this is one of my favorites as well!

We were feeling pretty good when all of a sudden we started getting calls and texts like crazy. Tragically and way before his time one of the nicest men you will ever meet was suddenly taken by a heat attack. He was one of my main partners at work and will be missed by all. For the type of job we do he somehow was ALWAY smiling....I mean always.......That is what he will be remembered for. He was always shaking hands and grinning.

This picture about sums his attitude up. No matter how big of a bitch I was in (and believe me I am in a bitch at work a lot) he always had a kind word. In the 2 years I have worked with him I have never ever heard him say a bad word about anyone.
I haven't heard about any services yet but I know the turn out will be huge, and we will all be going to support his family (he has 2 young girls). will be missed.
So that was a bit of a buzz kill but we did some reminiscing and stayed up for a few more hours.......
This morning, for the first day on my vacation I was planning on sleeping in and kept waking up and making myself stay in bad! Ughh....So finally at 1030H I decided to get up and shower so we could go out for a bit. Then I remembered the time change!!! Oh now it is 1130H!
I wanted to go for brunch at the Muddy Duck (Breakfast Buffet on the weekend until 1400H)
I had been craving brunch buffet for days so I figured why not.
This is what I had
I had this plus half an Omelet that I forgot to take a picture of. This is a lot for me to eat but by no means is it a lot compared to what other people eat at a Buffet. So I guess I am a person that someone that owns a restaurant would like to come to their Buffet.....$15.00 LOL....but it is worth it because it is the only way I can have a bit of this and a bit of the rest of today will be raw veggies and tons of water! I am sooo bloated....
We went to go to Starbucks and there was a Shoe Factory next door so in we went. R has been looking for shoes.....he says he can not buy clothes (see my post before this one).....until he has shoes....ummm ok....
So he got shoes......FINALLY
Now he says he can buy clothes.....
We went to Starbucks and I just got a regular coffee....and 2 new cups!
And that has been about it so far....I really really want to run outside but it is still soooooooo cold!
So it has been a good weekend and a bad weekend.
10 miles tomorrow....sigh...on the treadmill.....It is supposed to be up to +10 C by Thursday! I can not wait for an outside run!

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I love Starbucks!