Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At it again

I work tomorrow so I baked up a couple new types of Cupcakes to take in and try out. I think I have 2 winners! I, of course, can not eat them so I am not sure....Suck to take the icing for flavour and have to spit it down the sink! LOL....but after last night (my cheat day), I have no room for error the rest of the week.

Pina Colada CupCake

Cinnamon CupCake with Maple Buttercream and a candied Pecan

Last night instead of eating supper (I ate proper all day) I just drank a bottle of wine and snacked a bit when R got home from work.....Felt terrible when I woke up but the wine was sooooo good......(I am such a lightweight, used to drink a 1.5 L and last night I was in the bag on a 750 ml!)

So weigh in is on Friday, should be ok by then!
Off to shower and go for a tan and to get my hair done......Planning to go down south soon so better get a base tan or I will be sorry!!

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