Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am a food sabator

I feed people. I don't understand why I do this. I make yummy food and baking and lots of it, but NEVER eat it. People say I don't know how you can make this stuff and not eat it? or You should weight 300 lbs.....But seriously, I have no desire to eat my own cooking. Touching and smelling during the whole cooking process is enough for me. Then I feed and encourage others around me to indulge in what I have made! What is wrong with me.
But, BUT.....
If someone else makes something LOOK OUT. I want it, for gods sake the line meals at work tempt me thse days (and believe me the food is nothing to wreck a diet over).
Last week I messed up on Friday night and Saturday (The baby shower for KG) and it took me a few days to rfecover. I wouldn't even go weigh in today cause I am only down 1 pound since last Fridays weigh in. I have to go tomorrow, and I am pissed I am only going to be max 2 pounds down in 6 pays....ugh...
Today I am just being lazy, drinking coffee (decaf now that I am on my second cup) and worrying about tomorrows weigh in.

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