Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend from Hell

I am not sure why but baking calms me down. I just zone out and everything is okay for just a little while.
Today I was super stressed so I baked. Helpful at the time but now I have 3 dozen Cupcakes to get rid of (they are staring at me as I type this). I got some new supplies today at the kitchen store so I was so excited to try them out. I got a new cupcake corer so I made 2 types of stuffed cupcakes. Vanilla Cupcakes stuffed with grape jelly with a Peanut butter icing (My new PB&J Cupcake) and Vanilla cupcake stuffed with cookie dough and a brown sugar butter cream and a mini chocolate chip cookie on top (very adorable). I will take them to work tomorrow.
This weekend was KGs baby shower. It went over very well. 20+ people. HK and I went on Friday night to KGs and MS and LG were up from Otown.I was fully planning on cheating as my next weigh in isn't until Thursday so I have almost a full week to recover. I ate my groso veggie burger and steamed broccoli as everyone was having yummy homemade lasagna and garlic bread. Sux hard. But I did it. I did however indulge in a homemade piece of lemon pie with fresh whip cream.....YUMMMMMM so very good. But since I haven't touched anything like this for a while it hurt. Too full.
I had about 3 glasses of red wine, not the worst thing I could have had. We sat and reminisced and laughed our asses off. Was fun to see the girls. I made a hot dip later as a snack and we managed to devour it.
We went to bed early enough, guess we are getting old! HK and I had to sleep on an air back was effin killing me. We were up fairly early. We drank some coffee and HK and I stayed back while everyone went out to eat breakfast. I had my spinach and egg beaters (luck me) and HK and I started to get ready for the party.
Of course Mother Nature decided to be a Bitch and have a snow storm. I thought no one would show but we only had 3 cancellations, so not bad overall.Once the shower started I had a cosmo to calm down and definitely snacked on all the treats. There was so much food. We had
Puff pastry baked brie and bread
Hot artichoke dip and corn chips
Antojito Dip (Its a take on the Antojitos at Montanas)
Prosciutto and brie wraps
Turkey spinach wraps
Blue cheese and almond stuffed dates wrapped in bacon (My mom made these, BEST THING EVER)
Pina coladas
Strawberry daiquiris
I would have made them but I didn't have time so I ordered them, they were great
Mini Vanilla chai and Mini Butterscotch banana
and for the take home favours I ordered Re velvet with cream cheese frosting all individually boxed. Cute.
KG got a ton of stuff Baby E will never wear the same clothes twice.
Thanks good for all the help I got. It cost a fortune.
I got home and was a bit pissed. Diet was in the bin and my Mom and KB still wanted to go out to eat!
I went and picked at a house salad and club sandwich (picked it apart and ate the tomatoes and turkey)
Back on the bandwagon today and feel better already.
There are some other pressing issues but I won't elaborate yet. Heart sure is a bit heavy though.....
Work tomorrow, weight in in 4 days.....

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