Thursday, January 6, 2011

SO...Tomorrow I start the Dr. Bernstein diet.

SO...Tomorrow I start the Dr. Bernstein diet.
I have lost over 40 pounds since 2004 and am having a lot of trouble taking off the last bit of weight. People tell me "oh you don't need to loose weight"! But I can feel myself slipping back into old habits so I figured I will just get myself in check again. And why not Dr. Bernstein? My benefits cover it so even better. A few people from work have been using it and they look great. Anyways, I thought I would write about it as an extra accountability.
I was at my lowest of 138 pounds last Spring. I am 148 pounds today!!!!! That is 10 pounds in a year gain. WTF!! I work out 6 days a week, running and weights! But there is no way that I gained 10 pounds of mussel in a year so the alternative is not pretty. The weird thing is my measurements have not changed. I just had them done and am 29" waist and 39" hips. I feel like I have gained weight, and I hate it. So time to get this under control. No way I want to get back to my top weight of 190 pounds!! YUCK
Height 5'4"
Weight 148.2 Pounds
Chest 36"
Waist 29"
Hips 39"
Goal Weight 125 Pounds

I start tomorrow. I paid the $315 today. It will take a few weeks to get back cause I have to wait to have 3 shots before I can get the itemized receipt to send in. My next appointment is Monday. I hope to be down about 4 pounds by then.
Since I am a shift worker I can only go 2 times on week (Monday and Friday) and once the next week (Wednesday) while I am on days. When I am on 9-9 3-11 or nights I am hoping to go at least 2 times a week.
I went to get the restrictive! I have done Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss, but this is nuts......Th re is the picture of the reciept with just stuff for the diet on it....including the multi-vitamin. Glad the patisamum was covered by my health plan.
Looks to be about 800 calories a day....yikes.....goes against all the healthy principals I believe in and have used to successfully loose so much weight. But I am gonna give it a try. The groceries were fairly expensive since they insist on certain brand names. I think the worst part is No OATMEAL and No Dairy! SO SAD. Here is what I can eat
2 Bread Substitutes....SUBSTITUTES! AHHHHHH!
2 Protein (only 3.5 oz or 100 g each)
2 Dairy (which is not really dairy at all it's egg white or cheese substitutes)
2 Vegetables (seriously who limits vegetables)
2 Fruit (very strict on what ones)
2 Misc (spices, mint and get this GUM IS LIMITED)!
10 Glasses of Water (already do this) In this it includes tea, decaf pop or coffee, broth and sparkling water (sugar free).
Oh and worst part.....only 1 caffeinated Coffee a day....uhhh oh!!
So I am not gonna be a huge complainer, I am over the shock and am looking forward to structure and accountability again.
I will update on Monday after my weight in!

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