Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 2 weigh in

Had my 2 week weigh in today.
Current weight 136.2
Total 12 lbs down and 11 to go, just past half way!
I am pretty sure that the first half was A LOT easier then the second half is gonna be.
KG came over and I celebrated my weight loss by, making 4 dozen cupcakes....of course! And not eating them. This was hard as they look so yummy.
I feal pretty good. As a matter of fact I wasn't hungry all day..this is not good as it probably means my metabolism is slowing down...yikes.....maybe a few more lbs then I will go on maintenance and get back to the gym to tone up and loose the last few.....
How do people diet for months or years on end and never cheat.....
Just want some wine!

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