Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The worst is over

Well Friday I started the diet. So glad that I had "A" at work with me for the weekend for moral support. I can tell you I have done many "diets" but this one is rough! I was super hungry the first 3 days. Going to bed with your stomach growling is not a nice feeling.
In general I am a very health person. I work out, eat well, so I can not imagine what someone with terrible eating habits goes through the first few days. I can tell you I don't really miss any food in particular. Sadly enough the hardest moments were on day one when the line meal came to the unit at work and it was the battered fish and beans! My fave. And Sunday, when the Taco with the movie theater cheese came! My second fave!So I was able to restrain myself, thank goodness.....A line meal isn't worth wrecking my diet. I also decided it would be a good idea to bake at work. God knows why I thought this was a good plan. "A" wanted to kill me as she has a sweet tooth and I sure didn't help her case all weekend. Saturday I made homemade bread and brought in some homemade strawberry jam. That was eaten quick enough! I made sure to call everyone and tell them to come and get some, just to get it our of the unit!
On Sunday I went a bit nuts, as I made Chocolate Chip Cookies, Magic Bars (yummmm) and Banana Muffins. But since people knew I was working Sunday after the Saturday baking, so they were calling me looking for goodies. They went over well......besides the fact that "A" is probably gonna snip my brake lines now! Sorry "A"!
I did cheat though.....I have been having 2 coffees a day....I HATE decaf!
Got up nice and early and went for my weigh in.....
143.6! Nice...Down 4.6Lbs in 3 days!!!!
But the biggest thing is that I feal like I lost 10 pounds....Bloating is gone. I really think I might have a gluten allergy. Not sure how to look into this.
Well it is getting easier. I have a goal of 125 lbs....still seams so far off!
Now it is Tuesday night and I know I haven't drank enough water. I will weigh myself and see in the morning if it hurt me at all.
Weigh in on Friday, then girls from out of town are coming up for KGs baby shower. HK and I are going over Friday night to sleep over and have a ladies wine night! YUMM. I don't care I am having wine. Will have to be as good as possible the next day at the baby shower, there will be lots of tasty food though so we will see.....I am not a machine, so I will do my best.
I do miss my nightly red wine....

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