Monday, January 24, 2011

Yeah right

I hate being on a diet....(I am suchhhh a whiner when I am hungry)
We had a weekend house guest! From Wednesday to Sunday.....GIZMO...Love him....MV and DT went on a little road trip so Gizzy came to visit....Cute but a shedding machine!

I went for the mandatory 2 week doctors appointment at Dr. Bernstein. When I initially booked the appointment 2 pages in my agenda were stuck together, so I booked it on a work day. Noticing quickly I attempted to change it and was told no. So I was luck and the Shift IC let me leave for 2 hours to go to the appointment. I went on my day off Thursday to weigh in and get a shot, only to find out on Friday that they only gave me a single shot so I got another one on Friday, then they wanted me to weigh in....yeah right...its 1300H and I have been up since 0500H and ate 3 meals already and drank about 2 L of water, plus being in my uniform. I told them this and the nurse said you have to weigh in or the Doctor won't see you. Well isn't that convenient. FUCK.
I made a mini scene....of course
So I weighed in because I had to or they won't keep treating me and saw the "Doctor" that was there. Now I may not be a certified nutritionist, and sometimes don't practice what I preach, but I have lost almost 60 pounds now from my heaviest, mostly on my own, and I have done A LOT or reading and researching on food, health and diet and exercise. So when this "Doctor" started telling me things like well if I am hungry it's because I am CHEATING so there for not burning fat and doing it wrong! WTF I have been sooooo good. I also have done up the calories and 600-700 a day is where I seam to be sitting. Every part of my being for what I know about this stuff, is telling me to STOP. But I feel I went as far as I could on my own, and I have been trying so hard for so long to hit my goal that I know this isn't the best way but I don't care anymore.
wha....I don't even think that makes sense. Oh well It does to me........
Long story short, I am almost to my goal.
Day 18 weigh in 135.2LBS! That's 13 LBS down and I have changed my goal to 130LBS till I go on maintenance, so 5 LBS to go. Once I loose 5 more I will go on maintenance and get back to the gym....miss it A LOT, but there is no way I could work out on this caloric intake. Hopefully by the end of January I will hit my goal!!!!

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