Friday, January 28, 2011

Supper and a mini Cupcake

Have been wanting to make Chai Cupcakes for a long time. Tried it today and they taste great! Except I listened to R and did something to the icing that I never do. Wish I hadn't because it is messed up. Tastes really good but has NO structure to it. So I said fuck it and iced them super quick and R is going to have to eat 3 dozen mini cupcakes and 6 large ones because I am not taking them anywhere looking like this!!!
THEY LOOK TERRIBLE...I will make a new batch on Sunday, but make a cream cheese icing instead.
Ate very well all day, Just had supper. Baked Broccoli and a Veggie Burger
Blah......Poor R...I think he wanted us to have a nice meal together....He is eating crab and blue cheese risotto....I wish.....Would have loved to go out but I just wanna hit my goal so no cheating.....well I did have a mini Chai Cupcake....seriously it was tiny! I swear!

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